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Frequent Questions

Are there any minimum order values for sub-contract designs?

No. Magus can undertake designs for small start-up companies to large multi nationals.

Are there any minimum order sizes for sub-contract assembly?

No, however for Surface Mount PCB’s, there are minimum batch sizes for assembly by the Surface Mount Pick and Place Machine. This is mainly to do with tape lead-ins and set up times. For one off prototypes we recommend hand placement, the boards are then sent through a Re-Flow Oven. We can produce your board through the SMT Pick and Place and Re-Flow, although a one off tooling charge for a solder mask stencil (unless you supply) and machine set-up may be required.

Do you work to any Standards?

All assemblies are done to meet the requirement standards, including IS09001 and IPC-A-610 (Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies). All of our assemblers are fully trained and have vast experience.

Can you provide test facilities and engineering support if required?

Yes. Where possible we would prefer to carry out full functional tests before dispatch. If required our Design Department can build test equipment to your specification, but there will be a charge for this based on complexity.

Are you able to fulfil orders where the finished product needs to be RoHS compliant?

Yes. We have separate soldering equipment that is used specifically on RoHS compliant and lead free work.

Pre-Sales Question?

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