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With over 30 years of electronics industry experience, our design and procurement team combined are on hand to support your component requirements and work seamlessly with our production division to produce the highest quality PCB Population and Product Assembly services.

We offer a full service, from PCB assembly procurement and supply, straight through to kitting ready for our assembly team to start populating your PCB’s.

Franchised Distributors

Reliable products require the best quality components for long term sustainability. We source all our parts from franchised distributors to ensure your product is made from ethically sourced components, for a quality product that is made to last.

Our PCB population service often requires components at short notice to meet tight customer demands. To meet these requirements, we stock  a range of common components from sizes 0805 to 1206, with most other part packages available for next working day delivery. Providing reduced lead times for your finished assembly.

By sourcing from franchised distributors, we have access to industry experts, who are on hand to assist with cross referral of high demand and short supply items.

Our in-house technical knowledge provides assistance in the selection of alternative components. Providing proactive solutions to keep your project on track.

Procurement Management

Our head of procurement is certified to CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) Level 4, with extensive electronics component industry  knowledge to fully support your PCB Assembly procurement. We manage a fully traceable stock control and inventory system to ensure supplier performance meets our ISO:9001:2015 quality standards for compliance.

With over 30 years of networking, we have established long standing relationships with our supply partners. By placing regular call offs and scheduled orders we can secure stock to consolidate long term demands and offer you competitive pricing.

A second sourcing facility is available for specialised components to ensure stability of supply. We regularly monitor trends within industry to support your demand requirements.