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PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly Services

Our highly skilled production team have industry experience within electronics assembly covering both Through Hole PCB Assembly and Surface Mount Assembly placement.

We work to IPC-A-610 Electronic assembly standards to provide reliability on your finished products and comply with UK/CA marking regulations.

For reliability all components are sourced from franchised distributors enabling our manufacturing facility to focus on fulfilling your prototype and full production assembly requirements.

As part of our PCB Assembly Services, all populated PCB’s are subject to a first off inspection prior to further completion and undergo a final quality inspection ready for dispatch.

Surface Mount Assembly

Full SMT PCB Assembly of fine pitch  and components ranging from size 0201 up to 28mm using our British made automated Surface Mount Pick and Place machine. Each production run is subject to an initial first off and buddy checks to ensure the accuracy is repeatable across your order.

This technology allows for rapid placement in large volumes, with capabilities to fulfil several thousand units a day.

Using solder stencil jigs each PCB can also be hand soldered by our experienced Surface Mount operatives with the use of our re flow oven to evenly solder components to your PCB.  test

Through Hole Assembly

Using automated prep machines through hole components are accurately cut to size, ready for hand PCB Assembly.

Following initial preparation we offer two options for through hole PCB assembly technologies as follows:

Wave solder

Our efficient wave solder machine makes light work of Through hole PCB Assembly by evenly distributing solder across each component leg on numerous PCB’s simultaneously to form quality soldered joints.

Automated Pick & Place Machine Assembly; Surface Mount Assembly; Fine Pitch PCB Assembly; SMT Assembly
Through Hole PCB Assembly; Conventional Assembly

Quality control is in place with the use of our highly focused mantis system which magnifies for a detailed view of every solder joint and circuit link. The mantis on screen display provides visual for further perspective and a digital image.

Further information on our Automated Surface Mount Assembly services can be found here.

Hand Assembly

Using temperature controlled soldering irons our skilled assemblers use quality lead free solder to produce consistent populated PCB’s.