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Award Winning Design Team

Our design experience is impressive, Covering almost everything that needs to be controlled, measured or monitored.

Whether for small, portable measuring equipment or large-scale industrial control systems, Magus’ design department can undertake a wide range of projects, either from an initial concept or a full specification.

We have experience and expertise in all areas of electronics, software and analytical analysis. We have designed systems for blue chip companies that most meet every day in point of sale systems, rail ticket systems, RFID, instrumentation and software systems.

We have developed skills in helping Universities worldwide to solve problems and achieve the commercial goals their investment teams require.

Design Verification

Our state-of-the-art simulation and in house CAD systems, provide 48 hour proto-type services if required to ensure the design is right first time before committing to production.

We use the very latest CAD technology and our expertise incorporates schematic capture, artwork generation, and specialised software (including that for both PC and embedded controller systems).

Owing to our continuing success, we have recently invested in the very latest test and measurement instruments to ensure every aspect of your design can be measured and quantified for reliable use by your customers.

For long term reliability, all designs are generically engineered to comply with all aspects of UK/CA markings.

Rapid Prototyping

Our design team works with customers throughout the product development process to ensure all aspects of the design are technically reviewed prior to initial production.

Once the design is approved for production our highly skilled production team are on standby to build quality prototypes for initial test and development purposes.

With both machine and hand placement, parts can be populated to PCB’s in as little as 48 hours, with full inspection as standard and additional tests on request.

We aim to make the process as seamless as possible, by offering all these services under one roof, saving you valuable time to focus on delivering your product to market.

Our design successes include:

  • Medical products (breathing monitors, acupuncture units, magnetic therapy etc.)
  • Beauty & Aesthetics (Laser treatments, Face lifting, Slimming & toning therapy systems)
  • Heating controllers
  • Field generators for army hospitals
  • PCB assembly semi-auto equipment
  • Point of sale equipment
  • Battery monitoring equipment
  • Measuring instruments of all types (i.e. paint thickness, temperature, Vibration & Noise etc.)
  • Converters for obsolete products ( i.e. converters to drive new printers from very old computers)
  • Test equipment

Our Design team have supported product implementation for a wide range of industries, from Test equipment to cosmetic, a full list of the sectors served is detailed on our product assembly page.

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