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Surface Mount Assembly

Automated Surface Mount Assembly for Quality and Efficiency

SMT PCB Assembly

Surface Mount Assembly Services

We offer a tailored service to meet your exact requirements.

Prototype SMT PCB Assembly

For small quantities and prototypes, our experienced team carry out hand SMT PCB Assembly using a paste stencil for accurate solder distribution prior to surface mount assembly placement.

Our assemblers are fully equipped to place even fine pitch surface mount devices with accuracy.

Once all parts are placed, the soldering is then performed in our re flow oven.

High Volume demands

Large production runs are scheduled through our automated surface mount pick and place machine.

This method offers rapid and accurate placement of a range of SMT component packages, followed by soldering in the re flow oven.

All our Surface mount assembly services include a full inspection under our mantis magnifying system.

Automated SMT Assembly

Our British made Intelligent Automated Surface Mount machine is perfectly suited for high SMT PCB assembly demands. The machine can accurately place component sizes from 0201 components up to 28mm ensuring accuracy on the most intricate parts.

Versatile and accommodating, this machine covers all shaped components from Square, MELF, Vertical Cylinders (Inductors/Electrolytic) right down to fine pitch devices and even BGA chips. Our procurement team stock common values of reels to provide competitive prices and reduce your lead times.

The simplicity of this machine starts with a standard XYR centroid pick & place CSV file, normally produced as part of your design pack and loaded by an experienced operator ready for production. During production, the machine uses its three cameras; the fiducial camera to accurately locate PCB position ready for placement, the bed camera for full visual on the most intricate parts, and the ‘on the fly’ camera which photographs smaller packages prior to surface mount assembly placement (as seen in the video below).

Providing you with confidence, your order is accurately and efficiently completed to meet IPC-A-610 standards.