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Product Assembly

Manufacture of Quality Sustainable Products for Your Peace of Mind

Our manufacturing facility is fully equipped to handle electronic product assembly, where complete electronic assembly is manufactured into a finished product that’s fully tested and ready for dispatch.  The electro mechanical assembly covers everything from the PCB Assembly to fabrication of  enclosure housing, to accommodate the wiring and fitting of power and control systems to drive your Electronic Product. To reduce lead times, our experienced engineers complete the majority of this work in house, working in collaboration with the PCB assembly lines to enable full cooperation and critical timing to be achieved to meet your exact requirements. We currently complete a variety of product assembly projects from prototypes to larger batches of 100 – thousand off’s a month.

From initial design and concept of your electronic product through to initial prototype, we are on hand to help make your product a success.

Bespoke Product Assembly

We offer bespoke solutions, based on your project stage and requirements:

Initial stage:

You have an idea or specification for an electronic product, you know how you want it to work and are ready to speak to an expert to bring it to life.

Our Design Engineers are experienced in all aspects of Electronic design and engineering, we arrange for an initial conversation to discuss the scope of your project further, look at your specification and provide a quotation for Design, with estimates for initial prototypes and ongoing manufacturing.  If you already have your design ready, we will work with you to find the most cost effective solution to manufacture your product.

Ready to Manufacture:

You have a prototype that’s been tested and ready for full manufacture but you are looking for a manufacturing partner to meet your demand requirements.

We can work with your prototype and specifications to provide the best possible cost and lead time solutions. Our procurement team have quality suppliers on hand to source your components and product enclosures, with the option for you to provide free issue kits ready for full electronic product assembly. Our Manufacturing facility uses efficient machinery to populate SMT PCB’s, prepare looms and cables, with engineers on hand to lead the product assembly line.

Our Collaborative Process

Our design and engineering department work together to meticulously plan for every detail of your product, providing accurate measurements and drawings for housing alongside full electronic circuitry to ensure your electronic product works to your exact specifications.

We understand the importance of a well finished product and collaborate with you to select quality labels and produce a premium finish ready for you to send your assembled product to market.

Magus works with a variety of industries to supply a quality Electronic Product Assembly Service covering the following areas:

Software set up and programming

Software applications are written using the latest packages such as JAVA and C++. Our Design department develop sophisticated operating systems that produce simple to use software which is fully programmed and integrated into you product.

IC and Device Programming

Devices are programmed using up-to-date systems which ensure traceability by creating a real time tick list to ensure all your components are fully programmed ready for assembly.

Circuit boards and Electronic PCB Assembly

Our long standing business relationships provide us with an approved selection of quality franchised distributors to secure ethically sourced components and circuit boards. All Electronic PCB Assembly work is completed in house by trained operators working to IPC-A-610 standards for Quality assurance.


For volume product assemblies we work with experienced fabricators to provide efficiency for your project. We recognise that each Electronic Product Assembly is unique and may require additional fabrication work, particularly for prototypes. Our engineers are on hand to oversee the fabrication process and have experience to carry out fabrication work to most housings to include drilling, bending and cutting to ensure the perfect fit for your finished assembly.

Electro Mechanical Assembly

Electronics are fitted into finished housings, complete with power supplies and control systems where required and fully wired and connected to power your electronic product assembly. During this stage any labels are fitted to the unit to demonstrate compliance with regulations such as CE/UK CA for electronic product safety and WEEE for the recycling and management of waste electronic equipment.


Each product undergoes a thorough inspection, from the quality of the housing to the electronics inside.


Our engineering department is equipped with testing facilities to meet your product requirements on request. Our tests meet UK/CA requirements for Electronic product safety.


We are proud to work with a variety of industries to supply a wide range of Electronic Products, examples of which can be seen below.

Product assembly solutions for a variety of Industry Sectors


Full LED product assembly of cable looms and PCB panels for entertainment venues


Panel assembly and wiring for school-based equipment


Design, housing and final product assembly for railway test equipment


In-house design PCB and unit assembly for security monitoring


Magus designed assembled and tested monitoring system for construction site compliance


Fully assembled and tested units for pet and personal healthcare use