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Hydrotherapy Unit – Case Study

Design & Product Assembly for Equine Hydrotherapy Unit

Bespoke Design

We often support customers with projects across multiple industries, in this particular case our customer was looking for a solution for the Equine healthcare industry.

The customer came to us with a bespoke specification to power a hydrotherapy treadmill.

Magus sent their design and engineering team to visit the customer site to pinpoint the exact requirements.

Working from the customer brief, our design engineer completed a full bespoke electronic circuit design for the control board with written embedded software to control every aspect of the systems functions, including:

  • Water filling levels
  • Treatment types
  • Emptying of the water
  • Timing of treatment
  • Treadmill speed
  • Controls and safety features


Magus worked closely with a local engineering company who covered the water bath and enclosure to suit the units capability requirements.

Fully Tested & Installed

An initial prototype of the custom control system was manufactured in house, with the team delivering to site to perform vigorous tests before final fitting of the unit was made.

Production Assembly

Once this was tried and tested, the team completed a full production run, with PCB Assembly, Cable, and wiring work to complete the product assembly ready for our customer to dispatch to fulfil his orders.

The units have capability to power and control a sophisticated hydrotherapy bath and treadmill for the treatment of physiotherapy for horses but can also be used on smaller animals like cats and dogs.