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Vibration & Noise Monitoring Equipment – Case Study

Design and Assembly of Noise & Vibration Monitoring Equipment

Vibration Monitor; Noise Monitor; Product Assembly; PCB Assembly; Noise and Vibration SpecialistsCM2 Vibration & Noise Monitor
Vibration Monitor; Noise Monitor; Product Assembly; PCB Assembly; Noise and Vibration SpecialistsCM3 Vibration & Noise Monitor

Product Design – From Concept to Reality

An example of one of our earliest design projects is the Noise & Vibration Monitoring System.

Following requests from utility companies for a system to detect the stress on service pipes and an increase in building site construction work in the late 80’s, we spotted a gap in the market for high quality and affordable compliance monitors to measure noise and vibration levels to meet industry standards.

The aim was to produce a simple piece of equipment that could be easily set up by site workers to monitor noise and vibration levels.

The design work was undertaken at Magus Electronics, where a full specification was drawn up and a CAD file for the project was developed for initial prototype.

Using Quality sourced components for product reliability, our team of assemblers produced the first batch of Assembled PCB’s for the unit, allowing engineers to use mechanical drawings to fully encase and test the unit ready to deliver the first working prototype, model CM2.

Following initial deployment to market, the unit attracted much interest from the quarry and construction industry to monitor noise and vibration levels and later the construction industry for site noise compliance monitoring.

Upgrades for enhanced performance

The turn of the 21th century saw advances in technology, which prompted the requirement for further enhanced features and an upgrade to the system as shown model CM3. Our design and engineering team worked together to modify the unit and produce a smaller, lighter, user friendly option. Using modern technology to remove the printer option and provide brand new up to date features such as:

  • IP server for remote instant data access options with SMS Text alerts
  • User friendly PC software for data analysis
  • Graphics display to view results
  • Remote operation and data collection
  • Alarm options with audio and visual warnings
  • Unlimited cable lengths and extended battery life
  • 3 event timer for unattended automatic monitoring

Long standing partnerships

The product success has resulted in the formation of a new company, SureWave Technology, to market and sell the monitoring systems alongside other advanced technology based projects.

Our ongoing commitment and experience has led to a strong partnership between the two companies, where Magus Electronics are involved in the manufacture, assembly and test of high specification units including the noise and vibration monitoring systems.

We continue to support and provide our expertise to meet the demands and expectations required for further innovative products.